In the Studio

1.     Students must arrive 15 minutes prior to the commencement of all classes.

2.     Whilst all care is taken, MDX is not responsible for student’s personal belongings and/or valuables.

3.     MDX take no responsibility of children left behind in the student lounge area after classes, making prompt drop off and pick ups a matter of importance.



Jazz, Tap & Acrobatics

1.     Students are to wear tight fitted pants. Leggings, dance pants, and bike shorts are all acceptable. Track-pants, jean-wear or non-stretch pants are not permitted.

2.     Jewellery is not permitted in class (watches, bracelets, rings, etc)

3.     Hair is to be worn up and back off the face at all times unless indicated otherwise.

4.     All students must have the correct footwear for all classes.


1.     Students’ ballet attire must include the correct colour leotard (refer to level specifications) and pink ballet tights. Warm up pullies are permitted but must be removed once instructed/warm.

2.     Jewellery is not permitted in class (watches, bracelets, rings, etc)

3.     Hair to be worn in a neat, tight bun at all times.

4.     Ballet shoes are required. Please note – demi-pointe and pointe shoes will be worn only when instructed by the teacher.


1.      The official MDX uniform and apparel must be worn by all students to all MDX classes, events and related activities.



1.     Song choices for private voice students are at the discretion of the student, however, coaches will authorise the appropriateness and suitability of the song choice.

2.     All music, lyrics and other singing requirements for voice lessons and/or voice performances are at the expense of the student.

3.     All private voice lessons have a 24 hour procedure in place should a student miss a class. 24 hours notice must be given in writing to in order for a makeup lesson to be granted. If 24hours notice is not given, the lesson will be forfeited. All makeup lessons must be completed by the end of each respective term.



1.    All dance students of MDX partake in two performances per year; the MDX Mid Year Performance in May/June and Annual End Of Year Production in November. Singing students of MDX all have the opportunity to individually perform at the MDX Vocal Soiree & Voice Recital every year.

2.   Each Dance student is required to pay a production participation levy for each performance they partake in. This covers the costs of theatre hire, audio/lighting and visual equipment, professional staff and props used throughout the performances. The Mid Year Production levy is $50 per student (invoiced in term 2).  The Annual MDX Production levy is $25 per student per term.

4.     The costumes for the Mid Year Production are sourced and purchased by the parents as guided by MDX. The Annual Production costumes are sourced and supplied to students by MDX. As an estimate, students will require one costume per dance style being taught and each costume can average between $50.00 - $90.00. All costumes become property of the student once paid for in full.

5.     All dance students of MDX are required to participate in these performances. Sufficient notice and information is given on these performances and MDX must be notified if a child cannot participate. Failure to give MDX sufficient notice of a child not participating may result in production levies and costumes still being charged to the account holder.


Enrolment Confirmation

1.     All class enrolments at MDX are confirmed by completing all sections of the Student Enrolment Form, including the Terms & Conditions and returning it to MDX along with payment for a minimum of one full term.

2.     Students may change or add classes after enrolment up until the end of week 2 in each term. Any difference in tuition fees must be paid within one week of notification.

3.     No classes will be held on any public holidays and class times are subject to change at the discretion of MDX management. It is encouraged that all students attend makeup lessons for any classes missed due to public holidays, illness, school functions, family holidays etc.

4.     Please refer to the calendar of events and newsletters for MDX Term dates.



1.   For all dance, drama and vocal tuition, full term up front payment can be made via cash, cheque, online transfer or by credit card (Visa or MasterCard has 2.2% surcharge applicable and Amex and Diners incures a 4.4% surcharge) and is non refundable. Fortnightly payments can be made via direct debit and is non refundable.

2.   In the event an account holder does not provide MDX with full payment by the due date as stated on their invoice, the student will not be permitted to participate in their class.

3.   A $25.00 late fee will be incurred for tuition fees that are outstanding. MDX reserves the right to employ Debt Collector services to retrieve outstanding or unpaid accounts. The costs of these services will be at the expense of the account holder.

4.   MDX reserves the right to refuse entry to a student should outstanding balances not be settled in a reasonable time, as determined by MDX management.

5.   Fees are paid for a full term of tuition and are non refundable.


Direct Debit

1.     To commence a fortnightly direct debit, the student (if 18years+ or their guardian) must complete and return a direct debit form (available upon request).

2.     Direct debit payments incur a once off $2.20 administration surcharge, as well as a $1.10 surcharge per transaction. Direct Debit payments via a credit card also incur credit card fees as above in ‘Payments’. In the event a direct debit payment is successful, the account holder must pay the outstanding balance within 5 days of payment being unsuccessful.

3.     To cancel a direct debit, written notification must be given to MDX management. The direct debit will be cancelled effective from the date of receipt of notification. Failure to cancel a direct debit payment may result in scheduled payments being debited from the nominated account.


Refund Policy

1.     All tuition fees are non-refundable.

2.     Should a student not participate in the end of year production, the production levy will be refunded in full.

3.     Damaged MDX apparel by fault of the manufacturer only will be exchanged. All other faults or damage to MDX apparel are non-refundable or exchangeable.  



1.     Smoking is not permitted within the MDX facility at any time.


Other Particulars

1.     MDX reserves the right to capture ALL student dance and vocal activities via video and photography. 

2.     MDX reserves the right to publish student photography and video on the official MDX website at and in any other MDX promotional activity.